„The Supermen“ by Charles J. Murray

HPC in information-technology is the abbreviation for „High-Performance-Computing“.
This describes high-speed computers for the usage with military, scientific or other civilian purposes.
CRAY is a well known term in this environment, Mr. Seymour Cray did a lot of foundational work in this area in the times of the Cold War.

He was known as a legendary and innovative (nowadays one would say „disruptive“) engineer and founder of Control-Data (the first super-computer company, founded in 1957).
After CDC he operated Cray Research and Cray Computer Corporation and developed the CRAY-1 and CRAY-2 supercomputers.

Seymour Cray died after a car accident in October 1996.

The Supermen“ describes the development of computer technology in the field of super-computing and is a very interesting read.

Highly recommendable for the tech-savvy reader.

  • Title: The Supermen
  • Author: Charles J. Murray
  • John Wiley Books
  • Date: 1997
  • Pages: 232

A set of interesting Videos (lectures and others) about Cray:

For german-speaking readers: Mr. Wolfgang Stief from Munich is dealing with retro-computing and Cray since ages. He did 3 lectures on Cray (german language):

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